The perfect base for preparation for the season ahead. This outstanding MX park features four, state of the art, perfectly prepped MX tracks with a good variation of difficulty level to suit all riders, also where Europe’s top GP riders and factory teams travel to prepare for the season ahead. Brian Jorgensen’s schools are designed for riders with a determined approach to improving their performance on the track, their off track fitness, diet and mindset. Working together in a group environment, this is the perfect base to improve both individually and as a team. 

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*Participation in all parts of the training schedule are not necessary (but preferred!)


These specialised courses have been designed and refined by Brian Jorgensen over the past 12 years to establish the techniques and routines required to level up on your winter training regime. ON TRACK at the training school, you will follow a structured program every day, this is combined technical training, heat practice, interval training and start practice, individually adjusted to each rider. OFF TRACK when we are not on the MX bike, you can bring along your road cycle bike to help maintain good physical condition, we ride from the track back to the hotel each day for restitution. There will be guidance in the gym, cycling trips, training tips, possibility for year round training schedules, physical guidance and advice adjusted for each rider to keep in shape and take care of your body and keep it optimised for riding your motocross bike.

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BOOTCAMP is specifically tailored to competitive riders who are willing to do more to achieve more. As well as on track training, your fitness, recovery & mindset training will also be developed during this residential camp in a team environment. Riders will be required to participate in all activities to ensure improvement across all areas. Bootcamp is for Advanced/Semi Pro/Pro Riders from 125cc up.

Accommodation will be in private villas for 2021/2022.

Confirmed dates:

BOOTCAMP 1 – 12.12.21 – 18.12.21

BOOTCAMP 2 – 18.02.22 – 26.01.22

Please enquire with any questions you may have –


Our accommodation is located just 20 minutes from REDSAND. This 4* beachside hotel is the perfect base to reside during your training. Both breakfast and dinner buffets are provided and you will have access to the gym, spa, free WiFi and cycle center.*possibility of spa & gym being closed depending on cover restrictionsIf you have accompanying family members they are more than welcome to stay with you, (please just add them to your SIGN UP FORM). The hotel is comfortable, located next to the beach and promenade which is perfect for walking and cycling during the day and with plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy. The town is a short drive away with plenty of shops, there is a large shopping mall nearby and the vibrant city of Valencia just 70km away which is famous for its L’Oceanografic aquarium.


Brian Jorgensen MX School (all riders/abilities) – £500

BOOTCAMP (advanced and ambitious riders)  – £650

bLU cRU ACADEMY (bLU cRU members) – €400

*Track fee €15 per day per rider paid at the track/signing on by rider


1) Fill out the form in the next section with your details
2) A £500 deposit is required to reserve your place. You will be contacted with details of how to make your payment by card.
3) Your welcome information will be sent to you.
4) Remainder of stay is paid on check in at the hotel.


Individual €104 pn
Double €148 pn
Triple (3 adults) €200 pn
Triple (2 adults, 1 child) €185 pn
Quad (4 adults) €253 pn
Quad (3 adults, 1 child) €237 pn
Quad (2 adults, 2 children) €220 pn
*INCLUDES DISCOUNTED TRACK FEES 15 euros per rider, per day.
*Opportunity to be selected for the REDSAND kids programe 
*Exclusive REDSAND stickers for riders
*Brian Jorgensen MX School/bLU cRU training and hotel are required to be booked together it is not possible to have one without the other. It is important for the success of the camp for riders to stay together and train together.