Summercamp Sweden

Get better in Sweden this summer. For every rider on every level.


Brian Jørgensen, Jesper Jönsson and Roman Jelen are inviting you to Sweden, to be a part of their motocross training school at the tracks: Bökeslund, Ilstorp and Sturup – the best tracks in the southern Sweden, in the week 28. The bootcamp is meant for the rider who wants to be better on his bike and learn from the experienced trainer team. Every rider will be given some specific tools to work with according to his level and skill. We will put focus on your technique, your starts and where to put your focus when you are participating in a race. Of course we will have time for fun and cheer as well, and you will get to know Brian, Jesper and Roman beneath the motocross. We will be camping out at Sturup for the whole week, where toilet- and bath facilities are available.


We are very much looking forward to see you there and have a fun week together!


It will be an intense week, where we will put focus on your technique, your starts and your mindset, when you are on your bike. We will meet up at Sturup on Sunday, and henceforth ride Sturup on Monday, Ilstorp on Tuesday, and Bökeslund Wednesday/Thursday.


The bootcamp is for 65cc+ and is for riders on every level. Pros and beginners.


Cost: 2800dkk, electricity excluded (100dkk.), 1400 dkk in security deposit when signing up.


We will meet up on Sunday evening, the 8th of July, where we will have a short info meeting and settling payment of the remaining amount.


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